10 Great Christmas Party Cocktails

We all love throwing Christmas parties. The thought of having a home full of family and friends is one of the best feelings in the world. In order to make sure that you enjoy the party atmosphere as much as possible, you need to have the right drinks available at the party. This article compiles the top ten greatest Christmas party cocktails you could ever make.

1. Angel’s Delight: Angel’s delight is a beautiful pink, creamy drink that is absolutely delicious. It can also be used a slight dessert if you’d like to give your guests an alcoholic indulgence.

2. Candy Cane: The candy cane cocktail is a mixture of flavours and colours. It’s a delicate mix of chocolate, berry and mint. Once the actual cocktail is created you also add in peppermint candy that has been finely crushed. This gives the cocktail an even sweeter flavour.

3. Christmas Jones: This cocktail is slightly more hard than the other alternative. It has a very fruity flavour with a blend of pineapple, strawberries and a very big splash of vodka. Once the following has been mixed together you can add a nice splash of lime soda. Garnish with mint.

4. Eggnog: A Christmas party isn’t a Christmas party without a traditional cocktail that has been loved for decades. There are plenty of variations of eggnog and you just need to find the perfect cocktail combination for you and your guests.

5. English Christmas Punch: The reason this cocktail has a punch in it is because it immediately warms you up – quite a kicker for the cold holiday season. It has a hefty selection of red wine and rum. Basically: yum in a punch bottle.

6. Grinch: The Grinch is based off the famous Dr. Seuss novels. You use a melon-based liqueur and it’s absolutely delicious to brighten up your Christmas day. Garnish it with red decorations to complete the character of the drink.

7. Holiday Hopper: This cocktail has an unusual combination of tastes. It combines mint, melon and chocolate to create a delectable taste that will certainly delight. It also can combine with your decorations as it’s a beautiful light green – the same as a Christmas tree.

8. Merry Christmas: Gin and cranberries make this cocktail the ultimate Christmas drink. Simple with the ingredients but an intense flavour that is very light on the stomach and the palette. You can also find “mocktail” recipes if you want to make a non-alcoholic alternative.

9. La Vie En Rouge: Celebrate the party with this crimson drink. Orange liquer, rosemary and cranberry juice gives it a very unusual texture and flavour. Serve it at the dinner party to give your guests as something delectable to enjoy with their meal with.

10.Zen Dream: You use a combination of fruits and green tea liqueur. It’s a very soothing cocktail that can calm even the most troubled mind. Make sure you pick a couple of cocktails to make sure your Christmas party is as eventful as possible. These drinks will positively make your guests get into the Christmas cheer.

Source by Bolade Akinropo

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