A Clean Billion Dollars Anyone?

Every Tuesday our head housekeeper Mrs. Saito-san, inspects our home and I was surprised to watch her push her face against the windows and to watch her PUT dirty fingers on the windows! I mean she was actually rubbing dirt on the windows… on purpose!

I started following her around thinking she’s lost it! -Too much sun or something. When I asked… she said I could help her if I wanted!!! As it turns out she was testing the new nanno film on our windows. I said “Nanno what?” And she said, “No more dirty windows… EVER!” with the biggest smile on her face.

And she was right! By the time we had smudged all the windows within reach and circled our main guest area, the first windows were sparkling clean again! I said “Wow! It really works!”

Bara-Sensei our driver and jujitsu instructor had sprayed on coats of this stuff on all our car windows as well. I’m so happy! Because touching windows have always been forbidden in my family and now we can! Tic-tac-toe or some new Kanji practice is now and forever more OK on fogged up glass!!!!

When I finally found Bara-Sensei, I asked if there was anymore nanno spray around and he just did his cool little bow and led me to the garage. Dozens of white spray bottles of the stuff were all over the counter! I grabbed a bottle and ran around spraying every glass thing I could find that had access to the sun. He said that’s how it works; the sunlight or any strong light activates the nanno chemicals and off falls the dirt! Just like that! Forever!

Those of you who read my articles know that I love the magazine Popular Science so I was astounded that I hadn’t heard anything about it! Somebody is going to make billions of dollars by hiring kids to run from home to home spraying everyone’s house and car windows! I mean, I took a couple bottles to my friends house and we sprayed all of their windows for free! Who doesn’t want clean windows? It was so fun!

If you are reading this and want an easy billion-dollar idea, here you go! It’s all yours, just send me a nice new giant 100-inch flat screen for my bedroom and we’ll call it even. Smile

My house isn’t even the first, I looked it up online because I was so curious why this wasn’t front cover news on every site on the net, and found that this is old news. Weng Zhengming the director of China’s new “Egg Theater” uses the same nanno stuff on all of its millions of windows which is smart because the pollution is so bad in Beijing. Architects like Paul Andreu who designed “The Egg” uses it for his best clients but has forgotten about all the average people with dirty windows… his oversight is your blessing!

So, to all those great creative thinkers out there in the world, your train has just arrived! Just remember to buy me a giant 100-inch flat screen TV, and you can keep the multibillion-dollar, mega worldwide “Clean Window” business all for yourself! Go for it! And remember to spray all the solar panels for free! Help the world clean up its act!

Source by Raven Dance

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