American Indian Pillows – An Old Solution to 21st Century Sleep Deprivation

Many people are in search of natural ways to help solve their sleep deprivation. Fortunately, there is no need to turn to voodoo dolls to find this. American Indian Dream Pillows have been helping people sleep for centuries, and the best part is they are without side effects.

Dream pillows are simply pillows filled with an assortment of herbs, which let off a scent that will help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep. Native American folklore says they encourage dream-time, thought and vision.

These types of pillows were also used in Europe in the medieval times. In the day of very poor living conditions, these herb pillows were necessary to freshen the scent of a room, especially when guests came. Another popular use for these pillows in this day and age was to help babies fall asleep. Often, the herb dill was used for these small pillows, earning its name from the Norse meaning “to lull’.

Native American dream pillows are available for purchase online, and they are not expensive at all. For example, ones which contain lavender, mugwort, rose petals, white sage, yerba santa, lilac flowers, balsam fir, chamomile, and bear root only costs eleven to twenty dollars.

If you have a little time on your hands, however, it could be fun to make your own unique dream pillow for yourself. If this sounds like a fun project, I recommend buying “Making Dream Pillows” by Jim Long, a short book with everything you need to know about making a dream pillow.

There is a wide variety of herbs to choose from when making a dream pillow, but none of them will effective for very long without a fixative. Fixatives help to retain and develop the eclectic mixture of herbs used within the pillow, making the scent and affect last much longer.

1) Orris root- This herb is widely available and is obtained by drying and peeling the fresh root of iris florentina.

2) Cinnamon- If you would like the fixative to also add a little flare to your pillow, cinnamon is a good choice for you. Just a few sticks like the ones in many potpourri mixtures will do the trick.

3) Sandalwood- Used for many things throughout history, sandalwood is proven to be a very suitable fixative.

If you are looking for a little variety in your dream pillows, you could also try eye pillows. These are little satin pillows you place on your eyes at night which are filled with flax seed and lavender. You will wake up feeling completely rejuvenated.

Source by Sherry L Harris

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