Amsterdam Gay Clubs

Amsterdam is a large city situated in the Netherlands – it is also the capital city and largest city in this area. Amsterdam is full to the brim with Amsterdam gay bars and clubs and there are a great range of places to choose from. Amsterdam has four main gay areas; Reguliersdwarssraat, Warmoestraat, Amstel and Kerkstraat. If you are looking for places to go for the gay community then you should head to these places.

Reguliersdwarssraat is the most popular area and is intended to be the trendiest gay area of Amsterdam. There are a large number of Amsterdam gay bars here such as The Otherside which is a great little coffee shop and is the only gay coffee shop in Amsterdam. This place has a great atmosphere and a good menu of cannabis and hash cakes and drinks. Another great place in this area is Soho which is a British style pub over two floors and is usually very busy. This great Amsterdam gay bar has a good atmosphere and great offers such as buy one get one free around midnight on some weekdays.

Warmoestraat has a great range of bars and clubs but you might want to ensure you’re a little street wise before heading here as it’s very busy and wild. Most of the leather bars are situated here and you should be very aware of what’s going on. Dirty Dicks is a great Amsterdam gay bar and is known for its provocative name. You can expect to party here until 5am on the weekends. This area is full of great Amsterdam gay bars, as is Amstel and Kerkstraat. You should always be in numbers when walking through the streets in these places as it can be a little overwhelming.

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