Brosia Bee Pollen: What Makes It Different?

Are you frustrated by all the different brands of pollen on the market today?

It makes it difficult for those who want to try pollen but cannot seem to nail down one particular brand that they would like to try.

Have you ever tried brosia bee pollen? There are several brands out there today, and it’s important to know why they are beneficial and why they may not be.

About Brosia Pollen

Like many brands of pollen, this brosia pollen is actually a brand known as Ambrosia.

The word “Ambrosia” is actually taken from the Greek culture and refers to what many call “the nectar of the gods”. Many of us refer to our morning coffee as the nectar of the gods but for many they are referring to pollen as their nectar of the gods because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is beneficial for many different things including overall good health, weight management, relief from arthritis symptoms, asthma, allergies, and much more.

What Brosia Pollen Claims to do for You

If you have checked out this Brosia pollen then no doubt you have seen the list of benefits that you can get from using it including: energy and stamina, increasing muscle growth and definition, building the immune system, high levels of antioxidants, enhancing your sexual performance, smoothing wrinkles and more.

This isn’t an unusual claim really when it comes to pollen, because many refer to these same benefits when they sell their pollen online or in the store.

Where Brosia Pollen Comes From

The biggest question that needs to be answered on pollen is where it comes from. Where pollen is gathered has a great effect on how clean it is. Brosia pollen gets its name from its golden honey color, but this pollen comes from various places all around the world. Typically this pollen is gathered from wildflowers only, which is why science attributes the rich golden color to this pollen which many apiaries use to make honey.

The challenge is when you heard that this pollen is coming from an organic bee farm.

Pollen is something that you can’t peg as completely organic even if an apiary is on an organic bee farm. Why? Bees can travel several hundred miles in order to gather their pollen, which means that they could very well travel to a completely polluted area to gather their pollen.

They might be picky about what flowers they choose to gather from, but they can travel anywhere outside the farm to gather it up. This means that the pollen can be tainted as a result of the use of pesticides or in some cases air pollution if it’s near a highly industrial area.

In conclusion, remember that pollen is generally good for you, and there are many brands on the market that all claim to be the best one.

Before you buy your pollen be sure that you know more about where it comes from, because any high industry areas can subject your pollen to pollution.

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