Certain Dri Vs Drysol For Excessive Sweating

There are so many different brands of deodorants out there, how do we really know which one will work the best with excessive sweating? There has been a lot of research done of the subject and it comes down to two choices that most people prefer, Certain Dri VS Drysol. The difference in the two is that Certain Dri is an over the counter deodorant and Drysol has to be specially ordered. Let’s take a look at what each deodorant has to offer.

Right from the start Certain Dri can be found is most retail drug stores, the price varies but generally you can find it for $ 6.99. Customers who have used Certain Dri have had nothing but rave reviews for it. This deodorant is not designed for men or women it is designed to help stop excessive sweating. The reviews on this product have ranged from teenagers in high school to grown men and women.

The teenagers have loved the price and the ease of going to the drugstore and buying it right then and there. They have reported that some of them used to wear a size clothes bigger than what they were in order to cover up their sweat stains. They have said that they have felt left out, self-conscious and were developing self-esteem issues. They were afraid of getting too close to someone for fear they may find out that they have been sweating.

Drysol is an extra strength deodorant available in 37.5 ml boxes. It comes in liquid, roll on and in mild formula. The liquid and the roll on work for sweaty underarms, sweaty palms and sweaty feet. The Drysol mild is designed for sweaty face, sweaty back, and sweaty toes and for maintenance therapy throughout the day. The price is about $ 20 for one and the more you buy the cheaper the cost becomes.

So, in terms of price Certain Dry wins. For availability Certain Dri also wins because you can go into your local pharmacy. With the Drysol you have to mail order it. Drysol claims to be able to help with sweaty feet, face, underarm and sweaty palms. But Certain Dri can be used for every day use even for people who do not sweat as much. But there is prescription strength available as well.

Choosing one over the other may be a matter of preference, if you are experiencing excessive sweat in the under arm area then Certain Dri is perfect for you but if you need more protection than just the under arms then Drysol could be the perfect remedy.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, what may work for one person may not work for another. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so if you need to test him or her both and see what deodorant works for you, then it may be the only way to truly get your excessive sweating under the control.

Source by Lillian S Walsh

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