Could You Cope Without Weed?

If you gave up smoking your sweet smelling marijuana buds right now – do you think you could fill the gap with something else? And more importantly, would your life be as fulfilled?

Tough questions! I guess only you will be able to make an accurate assessment, but here are my views on the whole situation.

I successfully quit smoking pot over 3 years ago and it was one of the biggest achievements I’ve made to date. I had major concerns about what I would actually do to fill all of that time spent smoking. My initial thoughts were … “I’ll just step up the amount of time I play on the Xbox and everything will be fine”.

Looking back now, I wonder what state I would be in if I hadn’t made the almighty decision to quit smoking weed.

Today is much different than 3 years ago. Now I am lucky if I can find a spare minute to myself and I am so busy with life, business and experiencing new things that I make wishes to my magical genie to grant me an extra 24 hours in a day! The fact is, I’ve woken up to what life has to offer and it sure as hell beats sitting around smoking all day long.

I’m an avid golfer and I love going out and playing the odd round of golf. I’ve found a passion in Internet Marketing and have launched several online businesses and have many more to come. I’ve discovered that I have a passion for helping people and am finding many channels to help others achieve success in their life.

The bottom line of it is: life is good! And life is so different than it was a few years ago.

If you’re stuck in a rut and have been living the same old thing over and over again, isn’t it about time you changed those nasty old habits and started living for a change? I mean REALLY LIVING! Getting out there and having fun. Life can provide you all of the highs and lows you could ever possibly ask for.

Marijuana may not be the answer when it comes to living a full-out happy lifestyle. But only you can decide what is living to its fullest and living mediocre.

I’ll tell you right now that there is nothing more enjoyable than setting a goal and then deliberately going out there and achieving it. There are no happier people than deliberate creators. Maybe this is something for you to ponder whilst you sit there in your cloud of smoke without a care in the world….

Are you dying to live? Or living to die?

Source by John Myler

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