Introduction to Marijuana

A strain of cannabis indica, which originated mainly in Afghanistan, North Pakistan and North West India, is called Kush. Kush

How to Make Money Fast in 2 Easy Steps Online

While it may not be realistic to assume that you can turn into a millionaire in two weeks’ time, there


Many have debated that ingesting cannabis may help the mind, body and spiritual practices of human. Cannabis has been used

Stoner Life Hacks That Will Save The Day

Sometimes, the life of a stoner can get a little stressful. There are so many important details to think about

How To Give CBD To Your Pets.

How do I give my pet CBD? This is actually a great question. Many curious pet owners have started researching

Instant Online Jobs For 14, 15 And 16 Year Olds

Let’s face it, these days trying to find good after school and weekend employment is pretty hard if you are

Reflect (Pre-rolled pack) by Cove reviewed | OCS Review

Welcome back to iPot Review. This week we are reviewing Reflect by Cove in a 5 joint pre-roll pack purchased

Hand Rolled vs Pre-Rolled Joint

Comparing the differences and similarities between Pre Rolled and Hand Rolled Joints… Shoutout to JUUG Brand for cultivating some Fiya.

The Link Between High THC Marijuana and Psychiatric Disorders

The still-forming adolescent brain is at the highest risk, but even adult users will notice mental health problems over time.

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