How To Become Rich In 3 Months

When you really look at it, there are only a few legitimate ways to get rich. You would think there were thousands of ways, but these are all variations on a method. There is one way to get rich fairly rapidly, in fact depending on what your interpretation of rich is, you could fulfill this goal in less than 90 days.

For many, rich is simply a few thousand dollars, for others it is no less than $1 million dollars and for some, the million dollar mark is not even a significant marker anymore. Well, it all comes down to ROR or “rate of return” Even somebody who may not consider $1 million dollars what it once was, may feel $50,000 to $100,000 in the space of 90 days, consider it quite a lot of money in such a fast time frame.

There are essentially, only a couple of ways to make that much money that quickly. The majority require luck as the major element for successfully achieving say $100,000 in 90 days. Logically, but there is one that does not require luck and if you could do that, then $1 million or more could easily be within grasp. So lets look ay the essential ways that you can become rich, most easily, quickly and fast.

1) Marry Money?

This has more to do with morals and ethics than luck or financial aptitude, but for some it would be a feasible path.

2) Hit the big time with a hit song or novel

A Harry potter like novel or the great love ballad that everyone wants to use for their wedding song could be an avenue for some. Talent may be a distinct advantage, but luck and fortune have an enormous part to play, the world is full of talented broke people.

3) Start a business

Now we are getting closer to the realm of possible and feasible for the average person. Yet again, the landscape is littered with failed businesses. However there is a strong possibility to make a large sum of money very quickly starting a business providing you do one thing. That thing is uncover demand. If you can identify fat juicy demand that is not currently being serviced, you will easily and with great magnitude, prosper very nicely.

4) Win the lottery?


5) Invest

Think back to when you were a kid, (if you were a male child mostly) and you swapped base ball cards. Certain cards were valued more than others, yet they all cost the same when you got your pack from the local shopping strip. Certain base ball names you could swap with your school mates quite easily for 5 or 10 lesser names. This is what I call intrinsic value. This same concept is used extensively by entrepreneurs and business people to compound seed capital. Can you become rich trading in value? And for the purpose of this article, can you make a lot of money very quickly investing in objects and extracting excess intrinsic value? You bet. By using leverage your rate of returns are enormous.

Not long ago I heard of a fellow who traded one red paperclip for a house. He started an online website and began with a simple paperclip, encouraging visitors to make him offers for the paperclip, it was finally swapped for another item and then another until he finally made it to the point where somebody swapped a house for his previous investment object which was a movie script role.

This same concept is done every day with money. It’s officially called opportunity-investment. It took this fellow only a few months to get his house, and you can do the same whether you have a website or not!

Source by Jack Reynolds

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