Knowing Your Soaps

Soaps are used for bathing, cleaning the body, shampooing hair, shaving, laundering clothes and washing things. They come in different form, bars, liquid or powder and they are made from either vegetable oils or animal fats. Finer soaps are made from vegetable oils. Aromatic oils, lye, different scents and colors are added while processing to make a large variety of soaps.

The vegetable oils that are used are mostly from palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil and hemp oil and from shea butter and cocoa butter. Each oil or butter provides a different quality. Palm oil produces a softer soap, pure olive oil also called castile or marseille soap provides a mildness and coconut oil produces a soap with a lot of lather. Coconut oil and palm oil mixed together provides a hardness to the soap. Coconut, palm and olive oils together are mostly combined to provide a bubbling effect to the soaps.

Sand or pumice maybe added to certain soaps to produce a scouring effects, this serves to remove dead skin cells from whatever surface is being cleaned. Some essentials oils are also added to soaps to produce aroma e.g cannabis flower oil, cardamon seed oil, parsley oil, sassafras oil, savory oil and anise oil.

Soaps are presented to consumers in different forms, bars are the main form but there are also liquid and powder. Liquid soaps are made from plant extracts, fragrance, essential oils, vegetable oils and glycerin. Body wash some states are milder to the skin than bar soaps, it retain skin moisture, more sanitary to used and less messy.

Synthetic detergents are non-soap washing and cleaning products that are put together with chemical from different raw materials. Phosphate compounds are used as builders in these synthetic detergents to help with cleaning heavily soiled laundry. Detergents alone or in combination with soap are found in many of the bar and liquid soaps that are used for personal cleaning.

Soaps are used in aromatherapy treatment to provide relaxation and relief stress. Some states that it helps to improve the functioning of the body and the mind, it produces a calming and relaxing mood, which prevents sleeplessness. Although some research shows that there is insufficient scientific proof that aromatic or scented soaps used for aromatherapy provides a healing effects, some people still believe it does and will continue to use these soaps.

Source by Debra Bonalde

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