Make Money While You Sleep

Making money while you sleep seems too good to be true and is probably hard for most to understand. But believe it or not, people are making money while they sleep every single day.

The concept is simple, design or promote a product that sells itself on autopilot 24 hours a day without your assistance. Now you’re probably wondering how the heck you do that? Well it’s called the internet! The internet and the world for that matter, never sleep. People are constantly searching for stuff day and night.

All you have to do is have something available for them to purchase in a particular area of interest, make it downloadable, have your website set up to accept credit cards, and you have yourself an automatic business that works for you 24/7.

The key to this strategy is to find a hungry market of possible buyers in a particular niche (subject). It’s pretty easy to find out what people are searching for, you can look in magazines or read newspapers etc, but the best way is to find out what people are searching for through online search engines.

The likes of Yahoo home page and Nine MSN will tell you what has been the most clicked and searched for through their sites. This can provide you with a bit of an idea, but the best way is to use some free keyword tools that tell you exactly how many times a certain keyword or phrase has been searched for over a month.

Let’s say you are interested in golf and you want to find out how many people are searching for it. You type in golf to a keyword searcher and it will tell you how many searches there have been for that keyword and also how much competition you are up against.

Ideally you want a keyword that or phrase that has lots of searches and not much competition. Once you have found a niche that has plenty of searches and not a lot of competition, all you have to do is either build a product to sell or promote another product and get paid affiliate commissions.

The whole process may sound like a lot of work but it is actually quite easy to find hungry markets with very little competition.

As with anything, it will take some effort and persistence but the rewards will be there at the end of the day.

Source by Kade Gillingham

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