Medication Debt Killing You? How Resolve Your Prescription Drug Debt

Healthcare has become one of the highest paying industries in the nations. Pharmaceutical companies are recording profits in the billions, while the average Joe’s debt is spiraling out of control. According to Healthy Aging center for disease control, 80% of Americans over the age of 65 suffer from at least one chronic disease, while 50% have two or more and 40% face the risk of entering a nursing home for long-term care services.

Many retirees are forgoing their retirement in order to pay for their costly healthcare expenses. The government’s new Medicare Plan only covers prescription costs up until $2251.00. This only allows for a $136 dollars a month per year for prescription costs. That’s saying you have government coverage, many are not eligible for coverage or can’t afford insurance.

Unfortunately many Americans try to solve this problem by paying for their prescription medication on credit. Of the 6.6 million Americans that are uninsured, more than half reported having problems paying for there medical bills. So how do you get out of this situation? Start out by consolidating your bills into one bill that you can afford. Don’t try to set the payment amount for more than you can afford thinking that you will be able to make up the difference somewhere down the line. This will lead to you missing more payments and hurting your credit even more.

Instead of paying the high cost of prescription medication at your local drugstore, get on the internet and shop around. If you look hard enough, there are many resources on the internet that will help to save you a ton of money on your prescription medication. However when you order your medication online there are always a few things that you should look for. For starters always make sure that the site that you are purchasing from has a licensed, certified brick and mortar pharmacy filling your prescription. Always make sure that all of the prescriptions are filled through a licensed pharmacist. Last but not least, make sure that there are no hidden charges such as account setup fee, order fee, medical review fee, or dispensing fee.

The safest way to order medications online is through a pharmacy advocacy group such as Freebeeforeignpharmacy.com. Freebeeforeignpharmacy.com compiles all the safest and most reputable pharmacies into one database and allows you to compare prices from all of the different pharmacies over the world. They also have a rating system based on consumer feedback, which weeds out fraudulent and rogue pharmacies. Visit this Consumer Advocacy website for more information on ordering from an online foreign pharmacy.

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Source by Cathlene Martinez

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