Medicine Man Special Part 1

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In Part One, our two friends head to the Medicine Man dispensary and buy as much cannabis as they legally can! Like kids in a candy shop, they ask tons of questions while checking out all the goodies. The crew stocks up on supplies and straps in for the high of a lifetime. Then Pete, the owner, takes them to the medical side of the dispensary for an exclusive peek at the benefits that this wonderful plant has to offer and all the choices for quality medication.

During the Science Club’s recent trip to Denver, Gary and Brandon got off the plane in search of Grade-A smoke. So, the guys stop by the Medicine Man dispensary to get the hook-up on some premium buds. However, this time they got more than they bargained for; it became an entire learning experience. This three-part video series is a behind the scenes look at what goes on at the Medicine Man facility.

FACT: Medicine Man grows a literal ‘green mile’ of cannabis for their own recreational and medical dispensary, which puts them at the forefront of the industry. From the jumbo mother plants and big juicy buds to cuttings, clones, trimming and curing, if anyone knows how a successful dispensary is run and operated, it’s Medicine Man. Let’s not forget that Medicine Man also has a firm grasp on the business end. Watch as the experts show us how they cultivate profitable grows, implement a real ’Sea of Green’ technique and explain the seed to sale of legal Cannabis. Medicine Man even ventures into the multiple byproducts that the flower has to offer–edibles, hash, and oils.

Join us as Pete–our friend and the owner of Medicine Man–takes us on an incredible weed journey that you won’t soon forget. This three-part adventure is full of growing knowledge, welcome to Weed College. Sit back, light a bowl, and enjoy watching another one of the 420 Science Club’s adventures in Denver.

A special thanks to Pete Williams of Medicine Man for the Denver hospitality.
Thank you, Brad and the entire friendly staff at Medicine Man, too!

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