Mustard Seed Symbolism

The mustard seed carries symbolism for people of many different faiths. These seeds originated in India and are only about 1-2 millimeters in diameter and are used as a spice around the world. The seeds are commonly used to make the famous condiment mustard but, surprisingly, they are also viewed as a religious symbol for a wide variety of people.

One of the earliest religious references to the mustard seed was made in the 5th Century by Buddha. He told a story of a mother who was grieving over the death of her son. She went to Buddha to find a way to bring her son back to life. Buddha told the mother to bring him a handful of mustard seeds from a family who had never lost a family member to death. She searched for such a family but soon realized that everyone has to face death. Buddha used this to teach that death is common to all.

Jewish texts compare the original creation of the universe to the size of a mustard seed. They believe that the universe started out really small but has continued to grow since its creation. From small things are great things brought to pass.

These seeds are also used in many different pagan rituals. It is commonly used to expel demons and is a symbol of overcoming obstacles. Additionally, this seed is used with other spices to promote fertility, power, and protection.

One of the most common religious references to these seeds is found in the Bible when Jesus gave the parable of the mustard seed (most commonly referenced as Matthew 13:31-32 but is found in Mark and Luke, as well). Jesus stated that “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed… nothing will be impossible for you.” He used this parable to help people understand that even if their amount of faith is seemingly small that they can still do miracles. Jesus probably chose to use this particular seed for this parable because, although it is not the smallest seed known to man, it was the smallest seed known to Palestinian farmers.

Because these seeds are so symbolic, many people like to carry one with them as a reminder of their faith. This practice is popular across various religions due to the widespread symbolism that these seeds have. Wearing mustard seed necklaces is the most common way for people to carry a seed with them. Purchase mustard seed necklaces and other christian jewelry online. Wear a mustard seed necklace to remind you of your faith and beliefs and to help you live your life accordingly.

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