The 5 Golden Rules of Catching Crabs

In life you encounter some rules that are Golden, rules that basically apply. Any time you find them you should remember and don’t forget them. They could guide you throughout your whole life.

The Golden Rules exist to guide you, whatever your challenge, whatever your aim. All you need to do is discover them and follow them.

Golden Rules, the 5 best ones for catching the tastiest crabs.

Golden Rule #1, Place crab nets or pots near seaweed grass. The reason behind that is because crabs tend to find shelter and protection near seaweed grass. So if you want to find a place where there is plentiful crabs, place them near seaweed grass. Remember, when placing pots or nets near seaweed grass, make sure you can locate them again. One of the biggest problems when placing pots or nets near seaweed is that they can be easily lost in these areas.

Golden Rule #2, Use aniseed oil on your bait. Aniseed oil is one of the most powerful chemical to attract crab. In fact it is banned in many parts of the world because of its potent attraction power. It will be best to manage this carefully because if you use aniseed oil illegally, you might get a hefty fine. Remember that all you need is just one or two drops on the bait and you are good to go to catch those tasty crabs.

Golden Rule #3, Use smelly and stinky bait like old fish or meat. The reason that you will want to do this is because crabs are scavengers and love to eat food that is rotting and dead. Crabs main source of food in the ocean are dead fish or carcasses that is lying on the bottom of sea floor. Doing this will help net your big crabs.

Golden Rule #4, Buy the biggest crab net possible to get the most catch. You can purchase one of the biggest crab net at your local fishing store. There are other ways to do this, including purchasing it through fishing online retailers.

Golden Rule #5, Always put your crab pot or net in the deepest levels of water You might do this by using a fish radar to find the deepest depth of water possible or using a rope to find an area with the most water depth. This could be important to you because the biggest and tastiest crabs are found in the most deepest waters! This may entail buying the biggest rope you can attach to the crab net. This is really critical because doing so will reap the most rewards.

If your objective is to try to catch the best crabs, then follow these time-tested rules. They’ve been proved to be highly effective for people who have used them prior to you. Follow them scrupulously for ultimate success and great satisfaction.

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